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Infectious disease screening

Pandemic risk management for infectious diseases drives the need for decentralized diagnostic solutions. However, central lab immuno-analyses performed in human in-vitro diagnostics do not allow for rapid in-field testing. To enhance the health of populations at risk, MagIA Diagnostics offers a unique and highly sensitive infectious disease screening platform.


MagIA Diagnostics integrates a multi-parameter lab-performant immuno-analysis on a single disposable chip. With only 5-10 µl of blood, MagIA screens 3 markers in parallel, giving a complete overview of the immune-status of the screened individual. 


MagIA Diagnostics will offer a diverse array of disposable assay-chips, each for a unique panel of infectious diseases, all at a reasonable price.


Hepatitis B panel

250 Million people around the world are infected with Hepatitis B. Only 9% of them have been diagnosed so they can be treated. Furthermore, 40% of the world population are naïve and need to be vaccinated. MagIA diagnostics offers a unique Hepatitis B Point-of-Care panel: by testing the immunological response to HBs-Ag, HBc-Ab and HBs-Ab using a single blood droplet, MagIA enables a rapid decision between vaccination and treatment.


Combined HIV / Hepatitis panel

People infected with HIV have a major risk for co-infection with Hepatitis. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10% of people in the United States infected with HIV also have HBV. In order to improve screening of the often related diseases, MagIA Diagnostics develops a combined HIV / Hepatitis panel.


Future panels

In the near Future, MagIA Diagnostics will diversify its infectious diseases panel. If you have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Most bioprocesses must be tightly monitored to achieve optimal production. MagIA Diagnostics transfers your ELISA onto our laboratory device, giving you the opportunity for real time measurements, for enhanced productivity. 


In 2018, MagIA Diagnostics was awarded a grant from the French ministry for research, supporting our efforts to simplify bioprocess assays. We are already developing such assays in collaboration with major industrial partners, and we remain open to new partnerships.


At MagIA diagnostics, we believe in accessible Point-of-Care diagnostics. To make it available to everyone, we are developing a business-to-business commercial approach: through technology co-development, manufacture and supply, we allow diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies to transfer their existing assay on our Point-of-Care platform. If you are interested, being strip test producer looking for lab-performance solutions or lab immunoassay producer looking for a portable solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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