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The MagIA technology

Transfer any immunoassay onto our Point-of-Care technology



MagIA diagnostics Point-of-Care technology couples magnetic beads immunoassay to an innovative detection method. Integrated micro-magnetic structures efficiently capture nanoparticles in a revolutionary manner, allowing for a direct detection of molecules of interest without any additional washing step.


This apparent simplicity makes MagIA diagnostics technology versatile and robust, enabling the easy transfer of any existing immunoassay onto its portable systems. The company’s multi-patented approach is suitable for quantitative or qualitative detections in most biological sample fluids, including full blood and saliva. Proof of concept show compatibility with multiple parameters.


MagIA diagnostics’ disposable microfluidic cartridges are based on capillary forces, thus eliminating costly actuation and fluidic systems. Requiring only 5-10 µl of sample fluid allows for the detection of up to 3 parameters. The reader’s low-power fluorescent detection makes the technology perfectly suitable for portable lab-on-chip analysis. Altogether, the technology delivers results in 15 minutes. MagIA diagnostics compact technology will soon be available as an autonomous portable device.


From samples to results in only 15 minutes

MagIA diagnostics Reader

Functional MagIA prototype

Scientific Publications

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proof-of-concept using ovalbumin model


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